The Western Mans Abdication of Authority

This quote from a man whose daughter was seriously injured while skydiving, perfectly captures all that is wrong with the American father in our feminized society. Despite giving his daughter permission to jump and actually going up and jumping with her Mr. Wethington believes that somebody should have said no. Just not him.

“I don’t think she should have been allowed at 16 to go up there and perform that type of jump, no matter what I say or she says, she shouldn’t have been allowed,” Joe Wethington said at the news conference. “I find it very hard to believe that the rules and regulations in Oklahoma are that lax. I think there is a flaw there somewhere, and I don’t think it’s through the state of Oklahoma. I think it’s the company. I’m not sure.”

I find it very disturbing that a fathers sense of responsibility for his daughters safety and well-being is that lax. The flaw that is “there somewhere” can be found in your complete abdication of authority as head of your household. It isn’t the state, it isn’t the company, it’s you. Own it.

Here’s the article,


2 thoughts on “The Western Mans Abdication of Authority

  1. LadyC

    “I think there is a flaw somewhere. . . ” haha. Face Palm. Love how he adds “think” like he’s not certain about it. Headship, it’s not just a symbol.

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