On Cussing

While going through some old papers I found this poem I had written for a friend of mine. She had recently accepted a position far removed from her family and friends and was having a difficult time acclimating to the popular (though not necessarily polite) society of secular America. Her new friends thought it was quaint that she made a point of not cussing, and would tease her about it in a friendly sort of way. All the same, she was tired of being thought of as the “innocent home-schooled girl,” and was reaching the point of saying, “To hell with it, curse ’em all!” I rather liked the fact that she was principled in her use of language and had thus far avoided the banality of lackadaisically cursing the world. So with tongue firmly placed in cheek I wrote this poem.

On Cussing*
For B.**

When thoughts run short of words that will fit
Just resort to an emphatic “F__k!” “D__n!” or “S__t!”
Those percussive caesuras of thought,

“Oh f__k.”

That succinctly conceal that you’ve run out of luck
In expressing what’s stuck in your head,

“Ah s__t.”

And emotions explode clothed in words that don’t fit.
So, finding yourself with nothing to say,
by all means, f__kin’ A B., just cuss away!

*Since mixed company will often peruse my blog(namely, my mother) I have elected to self-censor.
**For her sake I’ve redacted her name. It must be noted though that the use of her initial in lieu of her name in no way detracts from the cadence in the last line.


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